Provost’s Faculty Salary Advisory Committe

The Provost’s Faculty Salary Advisory Committee (PFSAC) is a University-level advisory committee established to provide feedback to the Provost on full-time faculty salary appeals. The PFSAC is tasked with ensuring equitable and transparent processes around faculty salaries and is intended to balance feedback from deans and department chairs concerning full-time faculty salary appeals.

The PFSAC will be composed of a diverse cross-section of senior faculty from a variety of disciplines, including 12 full-time tenured faculty and four full-time non-tenure-track faculty in renewable positions. At least half of the 16-member PFSAC will have had previous academic leadership experience (e.g., former center/institute directors, department chairs, etc.). No faculty member currently serving in an academic leadership role may serve on the PFSAC.

PFSAC members will be jointly selected by the chair of the University Senate and the associate provost for faculty affairs from a pool of nominees brought forward by the deans and the Senate Agenda Committee.

PFSAC members will serve three-year terms with staggered start and end dates. As the PFSAC is being established, initial members will be sorted into three groups: five members serving a one-year term, five members serving a two-year term and six members serving a three-year term.

After the 2023-24 academic year, new PFSAC members will be selected in April and PFSAC meetings will be held in October.

For each salary appeal, the associate provost for faculty affairs will convene a subcommittee of nine of the 16 selected PFSAC members. Those nine members will be selected based on disciplinary closeness with the faculty member whose case is under review but will not include faculty members who have had any prior role in a particular faculty salary appeals case or who come from the faculty member’s home department or unit.

PFSAC members will engage in timely consultation with the Provost but do not issue a formal decision on faculty salary appeals.