Provost’s Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure

The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure (Advisory Committee) is a University-level review and advisory committee established to facilitate equivalent paths for the promotion and tenure process from the schools and colleges through the provost and to the Chancellor and Board of Trustees. The Advisory Committee is comprised of senior faculty who assist the provost in promoting the highest academic standards across the University.  The Advisory Committee’s advice is intended to balance comparable excellence across the schools and colleges with the need to support the specific excellence of each.

The Advisory Committee reads all candidate promotion and tenure files designated by the Office of Academic Affairs to contain substantive disagreements between any layers of recommendation and those files that have the strong possibility of a negative determination.  The Advisory Committee’s members engage in timely consultation with the provost, offer an advisory vote, but do not issue a formal report or consider appeals.

As needed, the associate provost for faculty affairs will convene seven members from the pool of twelve elected Advisory Committee members to review individual cases. Those seven members will be selected based on disciplinary closeness with that of the faculty member whose case is under review, but will not be a person who has had any prior role in the tenure or promotion review or recommendation relating to that particular case within a department, school, or college.