Student Resources

Syracuse University is committed to providing a range of academic and related support programs and services to meet the wide spectrum of needs students bring to campus and help them achieve their highest academic potential during their time here.

Programs include tutoring and study services, writing assistance across the disciplines, provision of academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids for students with disabilities, health and wellness services to optimize physical and emotional wellbeing, financial fitness, and clinics in math and physics, among others. In addition, a campuswide initiative, Orange SUccess, provides an online platform to enhance communication and feedback between and among students, their professors, and academic advisors to ensure students stay on track with their academic goals.

Additional academic support services may be available within the individual schools and colleges. Students are encouraged to learn more about, and take advantage of, these and other such resources designed to help them successfully transition to college-level academic work and life, and to grow and thrive in the classroom and beyond.