Only tenured full professors are eligible to serve on the Advisory Committee, as members of the Advisory Committee must be eligible within their respective school or college to vote on all promotion and tenure cases, including those cases for promotion to full professor. In cases where a faculty member serves on a school or college committee, that faculty member must recuse themselves from the deliberations of the Advisory Committee including cases in which they have had a prior role. While all members of the Advisory Committee must be full professors, there is no requirement of prior or current service on a school or college promotion and tenure committee.

Additionally, certain faculty in administrative roles, including deans, senior associate deans, the provost, the associate provost for faculty affairs, the vice president for research, and the Chancellor will not appear on the ballot. Depending on their promotion and tenure responsibilities, certain faculty serving in other administrative roles may not be eligible to serve on the Advisory Committee and may not appear on the ballot.

The Senate Committee on Appointment and Promotions and the Senate Agenda Committee will administer the election for the Advisory Committee.  All tenured and tenure-track Syracuse University faculty members are eligible to vote for Advisory Committee representatives within their electorate. All eligible voters will receive an electronic ballot via email. All tenured and tenure-track faculty have been assigned to an electorate and will vote for three representatives from their respective electorate.

Any tenured or tenure-track faculty with either a joint or courtesy appointment will vote in the electorate of their primary faculty appointment. Any faculty member with such an appointment who would prefer assignment to the electorate of their secondary faculty appointment, please contact susenate@syr.edu. No faculty member is eligible to vote more than once or in more than one electorate.

After an election closes, the chairperson of the Senate Committee on Appointment and Promotions or the chairperson’s delegate, will contact the top vote getters in each electorate and will present a slate of three from each electorate to the provost. The provost will select candidates from the slate for Advisory Committee membership.

Each representative will serve a period of two years.