Resources and Forms

The following is a short list of forms most frequently used by faculty and academic administrators alike.

The forms listed below are available on Answers on the Faculty Affairs Resources and Forms page.

If you are looking for a form that you do not see listed here, contact Faculty Affairs.


Faculty Administrative Leave of Absence Application
Annual CV Update
Candidate’s Request for Tenure Review
Disability/Maternity Benefits Application
Faculty Parental Leave of Absence Application
Faculty Research Leave of Absence Application
Part-time Leave of Absence Request*
Return to Work form (for disability leaves)
Report and Recommendations on Non-Tenured Faculty
Search Waiver Template
Senate Form A
Tenure Summary Dossier checklist

*For leaves of absence for part-time faculty who are governed by the Syracuse University/Adjuncts United Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Additional Resources

The following are compiled here as a resource to you. If you have any recommendations for resources that would be good additions to this site, please contact us.

  • Forms for travel reimbursements, direct deposit, and many others are found on the Business, Finance, and Administrative Services forms website. Also the Office of Human Resources (especially the forms list) includes all benefit and some leaves related resources and forms.
  • The University Bookstore, located in the Schine Student Center, sells books, apparel, Syracuse University gifts and gear, computers, supplies and other specialty merchandise.
  • The Department of Public Safety is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure living, learning, and working environment for the Syracuse University community.
  • Parking and Transit Services manages parking permits, event parking, shuttle transportation, and Syracuse University’s zipcar program.
  • You can reserve meeting space for non-academic purposes (for example, a room in Schine Student Center) through Student Centers and Programming Services or host an academic event in Bird Library or in Hendricks Chapel. If you are traveling to New York City for University business, you can also reserve accommodations at Lubin House. For help with academic space requests, check with administrative support in your school or college.