Tenure and Promotion

Tenure reviews will normally conclude during the spring semester of a candidate’s sixth credited year regardless of the date of original appointment. Candidates may request to be considered for tenure any time before March 1st of their fifth credited year. However, they are considered only once for tenure. The formal review process will begin with the signed and dated request on the Candidate’s Request for Tenure Review form from the individual to the Provost to initiate the tenure review. Once signed, this request is irrevocable. Please keep in mind that your school/college and/or department may have an earlier deadline for the tenure review request.

See the Faculty Manual for guidelines on tenure, including recently approved changes and the Form A document.

See the Tenure and/or Promotion Summary Dossier Checklist for an outline of the required dossier materials for submission to the Vice Chancellor and Provost. Note that each school/college has its own tenure and promotion criteria, standards and procedures.