Seinfeld Scholar Award Program

Goals and Purpose of the Seinfeld Scholar Award Program

Each year, Syracuse University honors the talents of outstanding faculty and students through a program made possible by a generous gift from Judith Greenberg Seinfeld ’56, distinguished alumna of Syracuse University and member of the University’s Board of Trustees.  Ms. Seinfeld’s endowment honors Chancellor Emeritus Kenneth A. Shaw and Mary Ann Shaw in recognition of their years of devoted service to the University.

This award highlights excellence, creativity, and innovation and encourages future contributions to society. The Seinfeld Scholar Program recognizes those

  1. who have (i) “made an outstanding contribution to the beauty of the world, who have added to human values, and to ending human abuse,”
  2. who have (ii) passion for excellence, creativity, and originality in academic or artistic fields, and
  3. who demonstrate the (iii) “ability to motivate and bring out the best in others.”

Designation as a Seinfeld Scholar is not intended as a prize for past accomplishments so much as encouragement and stimulation for future contributions to society.

Faculty and Student Award: In 2022-2023 one faculty member will receive this award which requires nomination by designated individuals. Faculty and students cannot self-nominate. The program proceeds through a three-year cycle. From time to time, Ms. Seinfeld may change the order of the cycle. Generally, however, in the first and second years, a faculty member awardee receives a grant of $10,000. In the third year, the program recognizes two graduating seniors with a cash grant of $5,000 each. They are not expected to report on the use of the funds and there are no restrictions on recipients’ use of the funds.

Nomination Process and Submission Instructions – Faculty

Faculty may be nominated by their respective dean or by their associate dean, department chair or program director with the dean’s concurrence. Faculty cannot self-nominate. The complete nomination package includes required documents listed below combined into a single PDF document in the order presented. The committee forwards its recommendation to the Chancellor, who makes the final selection. Nomination packet should include:

  1. Cover page – fillable form
  2. Formal letter of nomination: Include a short description of the nominee’s work or accomplishments that are considered worthy of recognition and that address the award’s goals and purposes as described above. A URL can be included in the nomination letter if a robust professional website provides further evidence of a faculty members excellence, creativity, or innovation.
  3. Nominations should include a professional overview document. For faculty, a short CV is acceptable. For students, a resume.

We prefer that an individual be nominated by one person or a number of people signing one nomination letter.  We encourage you to collaborate with your colleagues on the submission of a nomination.

The deadline for submissions is on or before Friday, January 27, 2023 by 5:00 PM EST.  Nominations must be submitted as one single PDF. Email nominations to Faculty Affairs ( and copied to Amanda Bielowicz (

Address any questions to Ms. Sharon Alestalo at or 315-443-3419.

Selection and Recognition

A committee of distinguished members of the University faculty review faculty nominations.  The Seinfeld Scholars Awards Committee will complete its work and make their recommendations to the Chancellor in late February. The winners will be notified by letter in April 2023.

Past Seinfeld Scholar Awardees 

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