Department chairs and search committee members

Meeting the needs of today’s professional couples is a critical factor in recruiting and retaining new faculty and senior staff. Many prospective and newly hired faculty and senior staff candidates have professional partners who are also pursuing employment in the surrounding community. The Dual Career Network strives to provide support to couples and their families as they consider opportunities at the University.

Why should I consider dual career needs when recruiting?
Dual career services should be viewed as a recruiting tool. Meeting the needs of dual career couples can aid in the recruitment and retention of highly sought after candidates. Your department’s willingness to consider a dual career candidate can result in other departments doing the same when a future need arises.

When should I speak to candidates about their dual career needs?

  • Candidates should not be asked directly about whether they are part of a dual career couple, or if they would like to meet with someone from the Dual Career Network. Such information is private and not relevant to evaluating a candidate.
  • At minimum, during the on-campus interview stage, be sure to provide all candidates with a Dual Career Network brochure (to order brochures, please email and reference “brochure request” in the subject line).
  • The Dual Career Network Coordinator is also available to meet with candidates. Should you decide to enlist the help of the Dual Career Network Coordinator in your recruitment effort, please include time in all of your candidates’ regular interview agenda. During this 30-minute meeting, the candidate will be given general information about important career-life resources in the Syracuse area and information about the Dual Career Network.
  • If a candidate shares with the search committee or department chair that he or she needs assistance with a dual career issue after receiving an offer of employment, please feel free to contact the Dual Career Network Coordinator for assistance.

Dual career assistance
Dual Career Network services are available to the partners of newly hired (or expected hire), full-time faculty members, or senior staff members or administrators, who expect to or have recently relocated to the Syracuse area as a result of their partner’s position at SU. Partners of current faculty also may request assistance from the Dual Career Network.

Does the Dual Career Network assist partners with academic and non-academic job placement?
Yes. While we cannot guarantee job placement, the Dual Career Network coordinator, through the Syracuse Regional Recruitment Consortium, will facilitate networking with regional employers.

E-mail and reference “department inquiry” for more information.