Graduate Student Union Negotiation

In April 2023, Syracuse University’s graduate students voted to unionize and are now represented by Syracuse Graduate Employees United (SGEU) and SEIU Local 200United. The University and the Union have begun negotiating a collective bargaining agreement, known as a union contract. The first bargaining session occurred on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023. Members of the University’s bargaining committee are listed here.

The University seeks that, together with the Union, we will reach agreement on a fair contract as expeditiously as is appropriate. It’s important to know that first contracts can often take months, and in some cases more, to negotiate. The University has created this website to keep the whole Syracuse community informed about the bargaining process, key issues we are discussing and updates on progress towards a first contract.

The SGEU encompasses approximately 1,100 Ph.D. and master’s students who serve as teaching assistants, research assistants or graduate administrative assistants across 10 schools and colleges. These individuals are highly valued members of the Syracuse community and contribute meaningfully to the University’s academic strength. They work while completing their academic studies and receive competitive wages and benefits.