Guiding Principles

Syracuse University (“the University”) and Syracuse Graduate Employees United (“SGEU” or “the Union”), with SEIU Local 200United as their bargaining representative, have begun the collective bargaining process for the first contract between SGEU and the University. The University is committed to reaching a fair agreement as expeditiously as is appropriate through  ensuring an inclusive, respectful and equitable negotiation process.

The University is committed to a spirit of transparency, partnership and progress, and has created this website to share information on the progress of negotiations and important context on the key issues that will form the framework for our first contract with SGEU-SEIU Local 200United.

The University prohibits and will not tolerate any form of retaliation towards any University Graduate Student resulting from their exercising of rights and privileges to engage in lawful union related activity. Any concerns of unlawful retaliation should be reported to Peter Vanable, dean of the Graduate School.