Emeriti Faculty Nominations

Process for Nominating Faculty for Emeritus Status

Recommendations for the Emeritus/a designation proceed to the Board of Trustees for approval through the following channels and process.

Recommendation can be made by anyone to the nominee’s department chair/program director. The nomination is then considered by:

  • The nominee’s faculty colleagues
  • The chair/director
  • The nominee’s school/college colleagues
  • The nominee’s dean
  • The Vice Chancellor and Provost
  •  Senate Appointment and Promotions Committee

Once endorsed via this process, the recommendation is presented to the University Senate for approval at the March or April meeting and forwarded to the Board of Trustees for final approval prior to the annual Commencement activities. Recommendations for Emeritus status are due to the Vice Chancellor and Provost early in the spring semester of each year (see Important Deadlines for the exact due date). They can be submitted to the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs via facultyaffairs@syr.edu.

Process for Nominating Academic Administrators for Emeritus Status

Nominations for academic administrators are submitted to the Senate Committee on Appointment and Promotions by the nominee’s administrative unit, along with supporting documentation of the nominee’s distinguished record over time. The designation includes an expectation of continued service to the University. The Committee on Appointment and Promotions recommends nominees to the Senate. Nominations approved by the Senate are forwarded to the Chancellor for concurrence and then to the Board of Trustees for final approval.