Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence

The Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence seeks to recognize members of the University community who have made invaluable contributions to Syracuse University in two overarching ways — first, through commitment to scholarship and research that contributes to new understandings of the world and creative responses to its needs; and second, through advancing the four pillars Chancellor Kent Syverud has identified to foster excellence at Syracuse University. Those four pillars of excellence are (i) providing an outstanding undergraduate experience; (ii) empowering research excellence; (iii) fostering change and innovation; and (iv) positioning Syracuse as the best university in the world for veterans.

The Categories for nomination are:

  • The Award for Faculty Excellence and Scholarly Distinction is intended for faculty members who are collaborators in work of intellectual richness that has the potential for future impact. This work should offer possibilities for collaboration within the University and outside in partnership with others.
  • The Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Student Experience and University Initiatives is made to members of the University faculty and staff who, through their work, have enhanced the undergraduate experience for students or made invaluable contributions to supporting and advancing the University’s mission and goals. Awards are given to faculty members, management or professional staff, and administrative and support staff.
  • The Award for Excellence in Student Research is intended for students who have, during their time at Syracuse, engaged in collaborative research that has the potential to make a deep and lasting impact on the greater society. Awards are given to graduate and undergraduate students.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award honors those who have made extraordinary contributions toward advancing all four pillars of excellence over the arc of their careers while at the University and beyond.

Nomination process

Members of the University community, including alumni, are invited to nominate a colleague for a faculty or staff award. Nominations in the category of Excellence in Student Research must be submitted by a faculty member. The complete nomination submittal includes required documents listed below combined into a single PDF document in the order presented.

  1. Cover page (fillable form) — The form requires the Dean or Administrative Leader’s concurrence with signature.
  2. Formal letter of recommendation: Include a short description (no more than two pages) of the nominee’s work or accomplishments that are considered to be worthy of recognition and address the nomination criteria for the category being nominated for.
  3. Nominations should include a professional overview document. For faculty, a short CV is acceptable. For staff, a resume or detailed biography for the nominee can be submitted. For students, a resume should be included. In addition to the CV, resume, or biography, a link to a URL for a robust professional website may also be included in the nomination letter.
  4. Concise materials (25 pages maximum) that display or exemplify nominee’s outstanding work. Examples include scholarly articles, creative work, discipline or other national awards, letters of endorsement with highlights of exceptionalism, demonstration of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility commitment/work, and/or personal statement. If a nomination letter includes a URL for a robust professional website that displays the nominee’s outstanding work, please make a direct statement pointing to this link in the nomination letter.

We prefer that an individual be nominated by one person or a number of people signing one nomination letter.  We encourage you to collaborate with your colleagues on the submission of a nomination.

The deadline for submission(s) is on or before Friday, December 9th, 2022 by 5:00 PM EST.  Nominations must be submitted as one single PDF. Email nominations to Faculty Affairs ( and copied to Amanda Bielowicz (

Address any questions to Ms. Sharon Alestalo at

Selection and Recognition

As part of the selection process, the Committee may choose to consult with nominators or others designated as able to speak to the candidate’s excellence and suitability for recognition to better understand the nature of the nominee’s work.

The Chancellor’s Citation Selection Committee will complete its work and make their recommendations to the Chancellor in late February. Citation winners will be notified by letter in early April. The Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence is presented at the One University Awards Ceremony.

Past Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence awardees