1.4 Chancellor and Chancellor’s Team

The Chancellor and President of the University serves as its chief executive, educational and administrative officer and the ex officio head of each of its faculties. The Chancellor is elected by the Board of Trustees to serve for such term as the Board prescribes and is responsible for implementing the policies of the Board.

The Chancellor is vested with the general powers and duties of supervision and management of the property and affairs of the University and has general charge of all the educational activities of the University as well as direction of and general responsibility for all matters of discipline and general order and welfare of the students. The Chancellor acts as the official medium of communication between the faculties and the Board and between the students and the Board. The Chancellor serves as representative of the Trustees and faculties of the University at the Annual Commencement and on other public occasions and confers upon the candidates the academic degrees which have been voted by the Trustees. (From the University Bylaws http://supolicies.syr.edu/ethics/bylaws.htm)

Chancellor’s Executive Team
The Chancellor’s Executive Team is composed of senior-level administrators, each a head of a major division of the University. Chaired by the Chancellor and President, the team is involved in budget and policy decisions.