2.38 Notice of Tenure Decision

Written notice of the tenure decision, whether positive or negative, will be given to faculty members at the time of the decision. If the decision is negative, the written notice will indicate that the appointment for the remainder of the probationary period becomes terminal. A negative tenure decision will be accompanied by a terminal one-year appointment. If the decision is affirmative, tenure formally begins on the date the Board of Trustees confers tenure.

It is the right of every faculty member when informed by the University of a denial of tenure, to appeal this decision on the basis of a procedural violation before the Senate Committee on Appointments and Promotions or on the basis of denial of academic freedom or violation of professional ethics before the Senate Committee on Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Professional Ethics (AFTPE). Also, Syracuse University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer and maintains a grievance procedure for any employee believing himself or herself to have been subject to discrimination on any protected basis.