3.11 Instruction

All faculty members are expected to perform their teaching duties fully and conscientiously. Faculty are responsible for contributing to the development of curricula or programs in their academic units that reflect current disciplinary content and theory and for maintaining the highest standards in course design and implementation. Their courses should reflect the most current disciplinary research—both their own and that of others in the field.

Faculty responsibility to students includes planning rich and engaging class experiences, assessing student progress using appropriate methods, keeping and posting regular office hours; making additional time available for special appointments; and promptly reporting all student grades. Faculty are also responsible for making students aware of their expectations as instructors as well as the University’s expectations as reflected in policies such as the Academic Integrity Policy.

The University expects that faculty members will be meticulous in meeting their academic assignments regularly and promptly and within the scheduled time period. Classes meet for the full period, beginning the first day of each semester and ending with any scheduled final exams. If for some reason instructors cannot meet a class, they should notify their department chairperson promptly.

Faculty members are expected to be on campus one week prior to the first day of classes and remain through Commencement.