2.35 Setting Expectations and Assessing Progress

In addition to the annual review required for all probationary faculty, each unit will devise for each tenure-track faculty member a mechanism of intensive review to take place in the third year of credited service. This review is meant to assess progress toward tenure and ensure substantial feedback to tenure-track faculty about that progress. If the faculty member has submitted the Request for Tenure Review form and this review would be conducted simultaneously with tenure review, this review should be waived.

The third-year review must include substantial formative and evaluative input from the unit’s faculty and its administrative leader. It should also include proactive and supportive advice on future activities that will enable the faculty member to progress toward tenure. Faculty members being reviewed will be asked to provide their own reflections on their teaching, scholarly, and service accomplishments and the directions they are pursuing.

The results of the review must be delivered in writing to the untenured faculty member. An opportunity must then be provided for in-person discussion with the unit leader and /or an appropriate designee. The candidate has the opportunity to provide a written response to the evaluation, which will also be placed in the faculty member’s file.

Copies of the signed and countersigned evaluation and the supporting materials will be placed in the faculty files of the School/College and the Office of Academic Affairs upon completion. While the format of the review should be based upon the unit’s own policies, it should be evidence- based given the importance of the feedback to the untenured faculty member. This review must be substantive and of a critical nature, and the expectation is that even candidates making good or excellent progress will receive serious advice from senior colleagues.

If the timing of the review allows, the review may be used as the basis for appointment renewal or non-renewal of probationary faculty, in accordance with Faculty Manual 2.38 and the by-laws of the unit and the school/college. Regardless of timing, a comparable process of evaluation and the substantial involvement of the unit’s faculty must accompany contract renewals for probationary faculty.

Approved, University Senate October 2009