2.12 Academic Year Appointment

The academic year begins one week prior to the first day of classes of the fall semester and ends with Commencement. Typical faculty appointments are for this academic year period. Vacation periods for faculty members with academic year appointments are the summer break and the intercession periods occurring during the academic year.

If the University chooses to use the services of faculty members in any time period or activities outside the academic year appointment, a separate appointment letter will be provided. Such contracts will specify the compensation for extra service, which may or may not be the academic year base salary rate.

Certain faculty members are appointed on a 12-month basis. They receive four weeks of vacation each year, plus 5 additional days after 20 years of service. Deans, directors, and some others are usually appointed on this basis. Except by special arrangement, they do not receive extra compensation for special or summer work of any kind.

Departmental chairpersons have duties and responsibilities extending throughout the year, even when they hold only an academic year appointment. For this reason, and depending upon the duties involved, they may receive higher salary increments or lightened teaching loads, or both as determined by the dean of the school or college.