2.2 Promotions

Recommendation for promotion in faculty ranks is recognition of accomplishment for which the merit of the individual is the sole criterion. Initial recommendations are a faculty responsibility and are based upon considerations of academic merit and recognized achievement. Questions of finance, numbers in superior ranks, overall faculty distribution, or departmental balance are not involved in faculty recommendations.

Successful faculty members bring to their tasks a variety of abilities with different degrees of competence in each one, depending upon their own personal characteristics and the nature of the assigned duties. Such a variety of abilities is inherent and necessary in the composition of a university faculty.

Newly appointed faculty may be appointed to the University with the appropriate rank based on prior service or achievement, with or without tenure, through a recommendation for such action from the department(s) or appropriate unit(s), and school/college(s), (in accordance with each unit’s governance procedures) and approved by the Vice Chancellor and Provost.